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Rhythm Sisters

“The Rhythm Sisters conjure up songs which
stand up to and alongside any album by
The Kinks”

New Musical Express (NME)

“Their style is straightforward and utterly gimmick-free; fresh, confident and high-quality DIY”

The Guardian

"They're distinctive, unique even; people who hear them or see them find them beguiling and you can hear those same qualities in their song writing too"

The Sunday Times

The Rhythm Sisters are Mandi Laek and Debi Laek, two sisters from Leeds and collaborator, Bill Byford, who first saw success in the late '80s with their highly acclaimed debut album Road to Roundhay Pier while still in their teens. This is regarded as a classic album. The Rhythm Sisters have developed a wholly British approach to songwriting with idiosyncratic tales from their West Yorkshire landscape

Comparisons were made referencing the likes of The Kinks, The Jam, Brian Wilson and even the late Syd Barrett.

Road to Roundhay Pier also pioneered independent female chic by writing original material where today’s artists often depend on incorporating established musical themes into their production.

Their next album, Willerby added English musical icon Bruce Foxton and Yorkshire hero Bill Nelson. This album is unique and very rare (good work if you find a copy)!

Their new third album, Tell Me How Long the Boat’s Been Gone stays close to their original ideas but builds on the roots established by the first. The vocal themes have matured and the instrumentation has evolved from acoustic to semi-acoustic, but that quirky freshness remains.

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